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How to use Vermicompost?



20 to 30 % of Vermicompost mixed with soil act as good germination  mixture. It will also ensure continuous and lush growth for about three months, without you having to add any other plant food

Trowel and Soil

As a Soil Conditioner

Vermicompost is proven to be best soil conditioner in most cases.
Always thoroughly mix the vermicompost with the soil. Do not apply on surface and let it dry. Letting it dry means letting all the microorganisms die

Vegetable Picking

Growing vegetables in pots?

  Around 250 grams per plant per month as a fertilizer or plant food
Mix with soil once in 6 months in percentages of 30% to 50% 

New plant.png

Got a new plant?

Use universal potting mixture of

Vermicompost : Coco peat : Soil 
1 : 1 : 1 ratio

Bonsai Plant Flowers

Ornamental/Flower plants

 Around 200 grams for indoor plants and 250 grams for outdoor plants in terms of,
per plant per month as a fertilizer or plant food

Lawn Strip

Have a Lawn? or Got planting beds?

Sprinkle on the surface with 0.25 inch to 0.5 inch layer of vermicompost every 3 months

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